The Richmond Shakespeare Festival is not just a summer festival, but a year-round educational endeavor. This education includes outreach to create a community-wide collaboration and celebration of the life and legacy of William Shakespeare.

In 2015-16, the RSF supplied teaching artists who worked with the 9th grade English teachers at Richmond High School to provide educational programming for approximately 400 students reading Romeo and Juliet. We also provided a day of programming for Pre-K through 7th grade students at the Richmond Friends School.

In 2014-15, in partnership with the Two Sisters: Books and More, the RSF presented the Bard-a-thon, a weekly opportunity for reading and discussion, open to the public. Each Sunday, August through May, we gathered to read aloud and discuss one of Shakespeare’s plays. During the course of the year we read all 38 plays.

In 2013-14, the Sonneteers, a subcommittee of the RSF Education Committee, presented “Shakespeare in the Attic”, a day of educational activities related to the Bard’s poetry.

The RSF partners with local schools, organizations, and businesses to achieve their goals consistent with the educational mission of the RSF. If you would like to collaborate with the RSF, please contact Ray Ontko (

The Richmond Shakespeare Festival educational committee is committed to providing resources for our audiences, the local community and educators alike.  Please feel free to use any of the materials below for personal or classroom use.

How to Understand Shakespeare